Charity Anthology: Wolf Heroes

Image by Flickr user Becker1999, used under a CreativeCommons BY2.0 license
Wanted: Wolf stories.

I am looking for stories presenting wolves in a favorable light for a charity anthology.

If you think wolves are vile, despicable creatures, read no further. But if, on the other hand, you feel they have been unfairly maligned, unjustly persecuted, driven from their habitat and wantonly slaughtered simply for being competitors of the human urge to dominate, or even if they are simply symbols of the wild, or integral parts of an environmental web, then perhaps you’d consider submitting a story for a charity anthology to benefit wolf conservation organizations and rescues.

I’m looking for stories that show wolves in a positive light. Natural wolf behavior is acceptable, but no rabid wolves terrorizing hapless villagers, please! Stories can be in any genre, and the wolf any type of wolf – historical, contemporary, legendary, supernatural, science-fictional – as long as it is canis lupus, and not a human being referred to as a “wolf”. I would like this to be for a general audience, so please keep it clean and avoid crude language, profanity, and gratuitous violence.

Length: Flash fiction to 10,000 words.

Reprints accepted.

Deadline: March 15, 2023

Submit a Word document in standard format (Courier preferred) with contact information to

Contributors receive a copy (kindle or print) and the opportunity to purchase additional copies at the author’s price.

Who will benefit? I've been in contact with several organizations that help wolves:

The Wolf Conservation Center in NY (founded by classical pianist Helene Grimaud) is interested. There are several others that I will contact when the book is nearer to completion - one in MN, one in CO, there's even a sanctuary here in Florida, plus I will also contact conservation groups such as Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife etc. to see if they would be interested.